Alpine Dentistry, Dental care Dentists in Jackson Hole, WY

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Emergency Dental care in Jackson,WY

Our Mission
Our purpose is to provide the highest level of oral health for our patients in a caring and supportive environment. We will strive for excellence and professionalism as well as commit ourselves to improve the quality of life for all of those who entrust us with their oral care. View our Policies


The Best Compliment is a Referral

Dentist in Jackson, wy

Jackson Hole dentist Alpine Dentistry has been providing quality dentistry procedures & general dentist practice in Jackson Wyoming since 1997. Our highly qualified dentists, doctors, dental assistants & office teamates provide a relaxing and enjoyable dental care experience in Jackson, WY.

Alpine Dentistry offers a variety of dental care procedures such as: Prophylaxis (routine teeth cleanings and periodontal maintenance), Fluoride Treatments, Dental Sealants, Oral X-rays, Head and neck examinations, dental fillings (White and Metal), Crowns/Bridges/Veneers (Porcelain, PFM, gold and today’s modern ceramics), Onlays/Inlays (ceramic and gold), Implant Restorations, Dentures, Endodontics procedures, Oral surgeries, TMJ, TMD, Headaches, Jaw Pain, Snoring, Sleep Apnea and a supplier of numerous at home supplies. All services provided by a general dentist in our Jackson, wy office located at 945 W Broadway, St 201, Jackson, WY. Alpine Dentistry provides dental care in Jackson Wyoming on Tuesday – Friday from 8am – 5pm. For Emergency dental needs in Jackson, WY, please call (307) 734-5200.

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